recycle for the earth


IPOH S.Y Recycle Plastic Sdn Bhd is a plastic recycling company, buying, selling and recycling large volumes of plastics waste, has a capacity to recycle nearly 1000 tons per month of used plastic annually.

On plastics side we buy mostly polyethylene films and work with most of the large generators of such films in Malaysia, recycle the same, then be delivered to the market via materials manufacturers in Asia. We are also doing trading and buying plastic scrap material.

In order to revolutionize products, improve production processes, and promote efficiency to our local and worldwide customer, we have invested the installation of precision machining equipment with minimum manpower to maximize production capacity. All these provide a solid foundation for us to step forward as a world-class enterprise structure. We always give immediate response and changing according to the industry requirement and working hard and corresponding good relationship with our suppliers and customers. Further we are emphasizing the cost effective and quality consistent in our inspection for the best quality control.

IPOH S.Y Recycle Plastics SDN BHD as a recycling plastic material and scarp collector in Malaysia, we are committed and recognized our social responsibilities and implement, minimize the use of natural resources as well we the exploration of natural resources.

Vision & Mission

Our vision and mission is to establish a wide range of market local and globally businesses. In line with our expansion, we are integrated to optimize our capabilities and future business opportunities and our mission to achieve higher revenue and maximize profit.

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